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   Tax planning  


   The necessity of tax planning is duly reflected in the tax legislation stipulating concrete tax regimes for various situations, enabling to use different methods for calculation of taxing base and offering various privileges to the taxpayers. The aim of the tax planning is to choice the way out enabling to minimize the tax payments. According to the article 15.1.3 of the Tax Code of Azerbaijan Republic, in the cases and manner determined by the tax laws using the tax privileges is amongst the rights of taxpayer. Whenever, the tax planning cannot be carried out only knowing the positive and negative aspects of the effective legislation. In this case, it will be necessary to use all legal opportunities of reducing the tax load and the elements of the tax planning. The tax planning elements include:

  1.      State of accounting and tax reporting
  2.      Recording policy
  3.      Tax privileges and contracts
  4.      Tax control
  5.      Tax calendar
  6.      Optimal management strategy and realization plan of this strategy
  7.      Concessional taxing regimes
  8.      Imitation financial models
  9.      Tax management’s reporting-analytical activity and so on.


     “Legal Management Consulting ” LLC offers its services for individuals and legal entities engaging in entrepreneurship activity in organizing the matters of the tax planning in conformity with requirements of the legislation. 

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